Case History 1: Corporate Knowledge Management


For large scale businesses, as in our customer's case, a multinational corporation operating in an industrial setting, the necessary segmentation of business functions leads to a high degree of specialization in databases and applications. The result, from an information needs point of view, is the creation of a series of isolated functional silos, which make it extremely difficult to locate information.


Bridge has developed a research system that can capture information from both structured (relational databases) and unstructured (text, spreadsheets, e-mails, paper documents, etc.) sources, presenting it to the user with multi-modal interfaces: ‘google like’, tables, graphs and charts. The system, leveraging on state of the art big data technologies such as distributed and parallel computing, database sharding, and specific text indices, allows for the acquisition of an entire business dataset, scaling as the quantity of managed data increases, without the limits imposed by storage and performance constraints of traditional architectures.


The system searches and analyses the entire business dataset horizontally, breaking down the silos of information and allowing cross-functional complex analysis and showing detailed information and statistical analysis of data in the same simple and dynamic manner.
The entire body of corporate knowledge, documents and structure, becomes accessible through a single dashboard that can guide an ' inexperienced ' user toward the information they seek.