Bridge has implemented an application for the management of the social loan that allows some important large-scale national-level co-operatives to collect applications from prospective members and track them within the cooperative until they withdraw.

The application also allows each member to have a laminated card to get accredited at meetings and entitling to various promotional initiatives offered by the cooperative.

In addition, the system allows members of the co-operatives to open savings accounts, current accounts and restricted accounts. Loans are remunerated annually with differing interest rates depending on the type of restriction placed on deposit.

Lenders may withdraw and transfer sums at the in-store counters, as well via ATMs or bank transfer.



Bridge has implemented a commercial management application that allows an important nationwide retail chain to handle articles, suppliers, supply contracts, assortments, promotions and sales prices.

The system is the focal point of the sales process and enables implementation of marketing strategies defined by management, with the goal of maximizing margins on the various product categories.

The application feeds the logistics systems, for supply and handling of goods, the retail sales systems, for the implementation of business and marketing initiatives, and the systems for analysis and decisions support such as Business Intelligence.

The system allows management of one or more corporate groups, definition of hierarchies between parent and related companies, description of relationships between different companies, as well as business rules adopted across processes and the responsibilities within these processes defined at entity level.

The application can handle multiple separate environments, that is, multiple autonomous logical systems with independent data not shared with other environments. Each environment can accommodate one or more groups and companies with shared registers.

The system also supports enterprise-specific classifications and clustering, which can be defined by process, through a configurable number of hierarchical levels.