The technological environment and the rapid evolution of mobile technology are constantly creating new needs and opportunities in mobile applications. To be sustainable, technical solutions need to be portable across devices without extra cost, cloud-based solutions allow for the implementation of mobile based distributed-architecture with flexible costing which is proportionate to usage. The value of the data, accessible through big data solutions, drives the creation of applications and utilities for customers which better understand their behaviours and needs.


  • Design and implementation of multiplatform mobile applications
  • On-premise and cloud integration for mobile applications
  • Monitoring systems for mobile service architectures
  • Data collection and analysis systems


Bridge proposed to a Fashion brand and built an application for the iPad Mini, which shows sales assistants product availability in their store or others, and also allows them to start, or Native Mobile Development Multiplatform check the status of, a transfer process between stores. The application displays the search results in an efficient manner, showing a catalogue with thumbnails of available items and details with high resolution images. The transfer process is configurable by an advanced user and includes the necessary steps for verification and approval, as well as a method of optimising transfer logistics. The process of transferring items between stores is handled and traceable from the moment the customer decides to buy the out of stock item. The choice of the transfer source is also guided, allowing logistics and assortment optimisation criteria to be centrally defined, minimizing costs and sales time, while increasing customer satisfaction.


The solution, built for mobile devices, allows the category manager to scan prices in a competitor store and, when finished, send the basket of items and their prices to a central system to be used in related business processes.


The application performs all of the attendance registration functions that can be done via a traditional electronic clock and badge. Specifically, the solution allows the user to clock in or out within a predefined radius of the company's premises or to register presence at other sites, although however, the latter must be validated by the office managing employee attendance. In addition to ordinary clocking in and out, the application also handles events such as travel, medical certificates, absence certificates, etc. Data is recorded on an Oracle database. on a cloud platform. The application was built using Mobile Cloud Service technologies. The application logic of the backend is implemented using Amazon AWS serverless processing services.